Sanna Swart

Sanna graduated in 1989 from the University of Pretoria (UP) with a BA Fine Arts degree majoring in Sculpture and Visual Communication. In 1994, after a four-year apprenticeship at Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture in New Jersey, USA, she received her technical certifications in all aspects of foundry work. After working for two years in Belgium, she returned to South Africa and ran her own art foundry for 18 years. 

She produces large scale sculptural works in stainless steel, as well as smaller works in bronze. Sanna has been active in exhibitions, guest lecturing, judging and curating competitions in South Africa. The emotions that she particularly explores in her work are tranquillity, stillness, protection and that deep yearning that we all have to belong.

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Sanna Swart Clamor Bellicus 1

Clamor Bellicus – Sanna Swart

Sanna swart Starbridge V 2

Starbridge V – Sanna Swart

Sanna Swart Starbridge Vi 2

Starbridge VI – Sanna Swart

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