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Jahni Wasserfall

Jahni graduated with a BA Fine Arts degree from the University of Pretoria in 1989, majoring in Printmaking. Since 1990 she worked as full-time graphic designer, freelance designer, mentor in the craft sector, and as a fine artist. She started incorporating the technological experience she gained in the design world to produce digital multimedia artworks. Even though she still prefers the traditional, she enjoys the challenge of combining traditional techniques with modern technology. 

Since 2005 Jahni has regularly participated and exhibited in groups and smaller solo exhibitions. She believes that creating art is the only thing that makes sense in our crazy, changing world.

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Jahni Wasserfall Deciphering Vulnerability

Deciphering Vulnerability – Jahni Wasserfall

Jahni Wasserfall My Cup Runneth Over Tranquillity

‘my cup runneth over . .’ (tranquillity) – Jahni Wasserfall

Jahni Wasserfall Staying Afloat 2021

Another Time, Another Place – Staying Afloat – Jahni Wasserfall

Jahni Wasserfall Loaded Dice

Loaded Dice – Jahni Wasserfall

Jahni Wasserfall Lost Dream

Lost Dream (Verlore droom) – Jahni Wasserfall

Jahni Wassserfall Sacred And Unseen Nr6

Sacred and Unseen (series) nr 6 – Jahni Wasserfall

Jahni Wasserfall Serenading Da Vinci - Mona Lisa Selfie

Serenading Da Vinci – Mona Lisa ‘Selfie’ – Jahni Wasserfall

Jahni Wasserfall Through The Eyes Of A Child 2

Through the eyes of a child – Jahni Wasserfall

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