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Jacques Coetzer

Jacques graduated in 1990 with a BA Fine Arts degree, majoring in Sculpture. In 1991 he embarked on an extensive research tour of East Africa, focusing on African pop and street art as prelude to his career as full-time artist. From 1994, as part of the nationwide Reconstruction and Development Programme, he worked as freelance illustrator, developing subsistence farming infotoons for the Agricultural Research Council. Digital tools such as video and photography had become part of his mode of expression. From 2008 onwards, after collaborating with artists, musicians and anthropologists in Scotland, social engagement became a key part of his projects, often inviting public participation. Much of Jacques’s art employs artistic gesture, musical performance and public intervention which he documents with photographs and video.

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Jacques Coetzer Pretoria 2008

Pretoria, 2008 – Jacques Coetzer

Jacques Coetzer Prague 04 2018

Prague, 2018 – 4 – Jacques Coetzer

Jacques Coetzer Prague 03 2018

Prague, 2018 – 3 – Jacques Coetzer

Jacques Coetzer Prague 02 2018

Prague, 2018 – 2 – Jacques Coetzer

Jacques Coetzer Prague 01 2018

Prague, 2018 – 1 – Jacques Coetzer

Jacques Coetzer Paris 2016

Paris, 2016 – Jacques Coetzer

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