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Corné studied BA(Ed) Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria, graduating in 1986. She started her teaching career in Gobabis, Namibia, and then moved to Windhoek where she was appointed at the University of Namibia in the didactical department for student teachers. She also taught art to children at the Academy of Namibia. 

In 1989 she moved to Pretoria where she taught art at Hercules High School for several years. In 1994 she established her own studio, The Gables Art Studio, in Colbyn, Pretoria. She presently presents drawing and painting classes to all age groups. Since 2008 Corné has participated in more than 40 group exhibitions.

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Corne Van Eck Namibia A Thin Place I Desolation

Namibia: A thin place I: Desolation – Corné Van Eck

Corne van Eck Namibia A Thin Place II Solitude

Namibia: A thin place II: Solitude – Corné Van Eck

Corne van Eck Namibia A Thin Place IV Emptiness

Namibia: A thin place III: Emptiness – Corné Van Eck

Corne van Eck Namibia A Thin-Place III Remoteness

Namibia: A thin place IV: Remoteness – Corné Van Eck

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