Athol Moult

Athol studied at the University of Pretoria where he graduated with a BA (FA) Information Design degree in 1992. After graduating he focused on visual communication where art, in whatever form, becomes the language of storytelling. 

He currently finds artistic expression in sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking and ceramics. He is an award-winning, commercial, editorial and fine art photographer and his photographic subject matter includes travel, environmental portraiture, creating inspiring and unexpected photographs of people, wildlife and landscapes. Currently, Athol’s work deals with the relationship between human and other animals and anthropomorphism which activates parts of the brain involved in social behaviour, driving our emotional connection with animals.

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Athol Moult Have You Heard The One About

Have you heard the one about – Athol Moult

Athol Moult Snake Oil Salesman

Snake Oil Salesman…looking for some snake oil – Athol Moult

Athol Moult Pangolin World Domination

Pangolin World Domination – Athol Moult

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