André Otto

André obtained a BA Fine Arts degree (1987), as well as third-year level in Archaeology from the University of Pretoria. He works as a full time artist, producing bronze sculptures and also works in the commercial field of architectural sculpture and design.

André has his own foundry and does all of his own bronze-casting. He also does bronze casting for other artists and periodically teaches sculpture at his studio in Pretoria. As an artist André finds inspiration in abstract form and space, as well as in the man-made objects of pre-historic times. His works reference objects such as ploughs, worker tools, primitive machinery and other ancient implements and seafaring vessels.

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Andre Otto Harvest Ship

Harvest Ship – André Otto

André Otto Engage

Engage – André Otto

André Otto Constellation

Constellation – André Otto

Andre Otto Palimpsest

Palimpsest – André Otto

André Otto Red Forest

Red Forest -André Otto

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