• another time another place gallery wall

    Gallery Wall

    University Of Pretoria

  • another time another place gallery wall

    Gallery Wall

    University Of Pretoria

  • Visual Arts Building Entrance

    Visual Arts Building Entrance

    University Of Pretoria

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    Visual Arts Building Entrance

    University Of Pretoria

The Exhibition

Another Time, Another Place is a reunion exhibition by artists who studied at the University of Pretoria between 1986 and 1992. The exhibition celebrates this group of extraordinary creatives. It shows how they have developed and evolved since their graduation. They have become respected artists, designers, curators, educators, community role players, consultants and entrepreneurs. The exhibition, convened by Thea van Schalkwyk is an independent initiative.

The exhibiting artists are Alet Swarts, André Otto, Anton Karstel, Athol Moult, Braam Botha, Celeste Higgs, Chenette Swanepoel, Corné van Eck, Diek Grobler, Dirk Oegema, Elmarie Costandius, Gerda Guldemond, Isabel Lubbe, Jacques Coetzer, Jacques Lange, Jahni Wasserfall, Joanina Pastoll, Johann van der Schijff, Jonathan Edwards, Liekie Fouché, Lienie van der Westhuizen, Lientjie Wessels, Linda Hesse, Lizel Otto, Ludwig Wagner, Marna Schoeman, Michèle Nigrini, Minnette Vári, Nico Erasmus, Pieter Binsbergen, Sanna Swart, Sarel Greyling, Sua van der Westhuizen, Theresa-Anne Mackintosh and Thea van Schalkwyk. The exhibition is posthumously dedicated to fellow alumni Walter Meyer, Rudolph Vosser, François Erasmus, Marika Joubert and Selma Albasini whose work is also featured in the exhibition.

  • Dates: 23 January to 11 March 2022

  • Venue: Visual Arts building, University of Pretoria, Hatfield Campus, Pretoria, South Africa

  • Visiting hours: 10:00 to 16:00, Mondays to Fridays 

  • The gallery will be open for weekend viewings on the
    19th and 20th of February 2022.

Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge

Click here to RSVP: Please arrange your access to the University of Pretoria premises at least three working days in advance since it is strictly regulated.

Please note that booking is essential for all viewings and you may be denied access without an existing booking. All bookings must be made a minimum of three (3) days in advance. Access cannot be guaranteed when using a shorter notice period. Please ensure that all names and surnames on the bookings are as per ID.


What comes to mind when you contemplate the exhibition theme Another Time, Another Place? Where does your journey start? Perhaps the theme elicits treasured memories of joyful moments in your life or dramatic events that were life-changing? Another Time, Another Place could be interpreted on an emotional, spiritual and intellectual time-travel level.

The exhibiting artists have indeed become messengers of how time and place could be embraced and celebrated metaphorically and the artworks on view could be manifestations or testimonies of individual growth in each of the artists’ quests for creating sincere visual narratives since their student years.

This website serves as a critical component and guide in terms of the virtual experience of this hybrid exhibition project.



University of Pretoria
School of the Arts: Prof Lize Kriel
Thea Van Schalkwyk
Je Design
Bluprint Design
Jennie Fourie

Opening speaker:

Dr Avi Sooful

Pretoria Art Museum companion exhibition:

Gerda Guldemond

Installation of University of Pretoria exhibition:

Genre Pretorius
Tristin Roland
Carlynne Wade
Caitlin le Roux
Sinead Paige

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